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Live photo


A mix of wireless communication and AI!

Check out all the magic inside!

Advanced solver

You will be able to solve the cube without looking at it, or to replicate the configuration of another cube!

Predict the future!

Tell the spectator to scramble the cube... and then show him a prediction (photo) you made beforehand!

Custom prediction

You can take your own photo of the cube and immediately use it as a prediction! (Premium feature)

New recomposition technology

Your prediction will change, but will still look as if it was real!

Multiple effects

Save the prediction in your gallery, send it by email or show it directly on your website! (Premium feature)

Make your own routines...

... by combining all these features!
You can find some routine examples here.

Let the magic begin.
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Free demo available!

Our app is available on iOS and Android devices. Download now to get started!
You will need a Giiker i3S (official store), Giiker i3SE or a GAN 356i / GAN 356i Play
(black version only).

We hope you'll enjoy the trick!
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